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Polo Piatti

Privately commissioned, Piatti's cello concerto was premiered on 20th May at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-on-Sea, in the UK by virtuoso cellist Tim Posner and the International Festival Orchestra conducted by John Andrews.

Cello and Orchestra


14 symphonic dances, composed many years after a suggestion from Piatti's former teacher, renowned composer  Carlos Guastavino. The dances have been published in 2020 by Goodmusic Publishing.

Commissioned by international guitarist Sergio Puccini, the  'Christmas Guitar Concerto' is expecting its world-premiere in 2023.

Guitar & Orchestra

World-premiered in 2019 by Steinway pianist Thomas Pandolfi and the Symphonicity Orchestra under conductor Daniel W. Boothe in Virginia Beach, USA.

Piano & Orchestra

Trumpet, or Clarinet or Violin and Orchestra

Four virtuoso pieces premiered in the UK in 2018 by the International Festival Orchestra under conductor John Andrews.

An orchestral suite commissioned by the Osaka Concert Orchestra was inspired by the composer's travels around the world. The work was premiered in Japan and recorded in the Czech Republic by the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Piatti from the piano.


Piano Quartet (Violin, Viola, Cello & Piano)

Twelve Miniatures for Piano Quartet, recorded by the Phacelia Ensemble in London, in 2021. The same ensemble will world premiere the Miniatures at Hastings Contemporary at the Opus Theatre in Hastings on Saturday 25th February 2023.


After an original idea for a BBC documentary about the history of the English Channel with many very atmospheric soundracks.

Piano solo

Recorded in London in the year 2001 these are piano solo improvisations. Many years later, the work was released by the Arful Corporation Ltd.

Commissioned and premiered by the Ensemble de la Belle Musique, Singapore


Privately commissioned in the UK in 2015.


Flute & Piano

Privately commissioned in the UK in 2015.

Privately commissioned to be presented to The Queen for her 90th birthdat in 2016, Elizabeth II.


Xylophone/Glockenspiel & Orchestra

Inspired and dedicated to all virtuoso Xylophonists


Commissioned by the International Composers Festival in 2015

Inspired and Dedicated to Japanese trombonist Yuka Hara

Trombone & Orchestra

Dedicated to Dr Briam Hick, in memoriam


Inspired by and dedicated to flutist Daisy Noton

Flute & Orchestra

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